Ashley Rollo Awareness Fund

On September 17th, 2007, Ashley was diagnosed with an unknown blood disease after an accidental trip to the hospital. Ashley has since endured over 4 years of medical interventions, which included over 12 surgeries, which have wreaked havoc on her body. In September 2010 Ashley received chemotherapy with a drug called Rituxamb that made her disease go into remission, but 8 short months later, her disease returned in the summer of 2011 and it came back and worse than ever. Ashley has decided to go to the University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. At this point, Ashley’s life has been so impacted by her unknown disease that she is desperate to get an answer and to get better. The University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center is the leading center for research and treatment of cancer and blood diseases. It is ranked the #1 Cancer hospital in the country, The past few months Ashley has incurred a lot of medical expenses. Ashley, family, friends and people all over are trying to raise money to help Ashley to a full recovery. Choke Clothing is proud to have her wearing a “CHOKE” tank top, the day she goes in for surgery. Dan Darby and Choke are also donating. 25.00 to her road to recovery….I wish you nothing but the best and remember what we talked about “Never give in, & Never give up!! Keep your head up….One love (link: )

Many of You may or may not know this, but the US has been hit with a lot of tragedy as well with Tornadoes and Floods and wildfires and we can use everyone’s support

A few seconds can change everything when disaster strikes.

Whether it’s overseas in Japan or here in the U.S., disasters leave a similar, tragic trail: destruction of homes, the pain of loss, and facing the most difficult time of your life. Help is needed immediately. This is the call that the Red Cross and CHOKE CLOTHING WOULD LIKE to HELP & answer

As I write this, families hit by tornadoes, floods and wildfires all over the U.S. these past weeks are being met by hundreds of Red Cross volunteers, deployed from around the country to lend a hand.

In the last weeks our responders have worked 24/7, providing critical shelter, delivering about 230,000 meals and snacks, distributing needed clean up supplies and providing other emergency assistance. Red Cross volunteers are also on the scene providing mental health support to children and their parents dealing with the impact of these disasters.

We’re responding on a scale and breadth of response that’s only possible through contributions to American Red Cross Disaster Relief.

Will you stand with these families and communities coping after disaster, and with others at risk, by becoming part of our disaster response work?

Join us with a Disaster Relief donation – a gift of any size – today:

Together we’ll see to it that families are not alone in the dark hours after a disaster, and that they receive the vital relief they need–shelter, food, emotional support and other emergency assistance.

Choke is proud to “Represent and Sponsor” Cyrus “Black Dynamite” Washington in Vegas Super fight

Cyrus Washington and Team Toro, Choke Clothing and Dark Water Tattoo will be supplying Cyrus Black Dynamite’s” SUPER FIGHT in LAS VEGAS its a MUAY THAI fight against another pretty hard hitter COSMO ALEXANDER, check out his YouTube video and tell me if you would get in the ring with CYRUS Washington Official YOUTUBE channel or under chokefightgear favorites. Thanks again Cyrus for letting us at Choke be a part of your success. I know you will CRUSH Alexander and it will go down in modern day Gladiator History for sure!HYPE VIDEO, 2 Baddest American Muay Thai Warriors will Make Gladiator History